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Unborn Ghosts is the latest album from Brooklyn's Radiator King! Their previous effort was the EP Roll The Dice featuring the critically acclaimed single "Raylene" which also appears on Unborn Ghosts. The new full length includes the rocker, "Gamefighter", along with the "pensive, bittersweet anthem" (Northern Transmissions 6/20), "Gospel".

From the first notes of lead track “Gamefighter,” with its frenetic riff, pounding drums and urgent, sandblasted vocals, Radiator King’s third LP, Unborn Ghosts, feels like a major creative step. The brainchild of New York-via-Boston troubadour Adam Silvestri, Radiator King has shared bills with Jesse Malin, Pile and L.A. Witch, and has landed in publications such as Brooklyn Vegan, HuffPost, American Songwriter and Paste, who toasted Silvestri’s “affecting pastiche of Americana and indie rock.”

At the core of Unborn Ghostsevolutionary sound is a breakthrough in Silvestri’s writing process as well as a new sonic approach that seamlessly fuses the disparate styles he once compartmentalized. On this record Silvestri began experimenting with new sounds and new ways of writing. Instead of working from home, starting with chords and melodies to which he’d later write lyrics, he would spend hours reading, researching and freewriting at the Brooklyn Public Library branch near his place in Bedstuy.

Says Silvestri, “When you’re on tour, you collect so many recommendations from the people you meet—Moby Dick, Kierkegaard’s Fear & Trembling,” Silvestri says. “As a songwriter, you’re an investigator, and you’re trying to figure out any sort of clue that’s gonna lead you in some new direction. So I would read all these books and just free write—turn off my intellect, get logic out of the way, let my subconscious flow and just see where it went. And then the next day, I’d revisit what I’d written and start to collect lines that stood out. Eventually, I’d notice little threads developing, parts that fit together, and maybe by the end of the week I’d have a new song. I like to think the song is already out there somewhere, you just have to uncover it like an archaeologist. You’re digging and, all of a sudden, there it is. You have to have faith in that process. If you don’t, you’ll never have the patience to stumble on what you’re trying to say.”

Unborn Ghosts was recorded in two sets of sessions several months apart with a pair of skilled, distinct producers—Don DiLego and Shaul Eshet—plus an impressive cast of musicians, including drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes), guitarist Derek Cruz (Jesse Malin) and bassist Ed Goldson (Ghostface Killah, Passion Pit). “Every time you make a record, you’re trying to grow and it’s essential to have someone who challenges you,” Silvestri says. “What I’m looking for in a producer is a teacher. Someone who helps you more fully understand what you’re capable of, and who, by the end of the process, not only has a profound impact on the record, but also on who you are as an artist and a person.”

Radiator King’s Unborn Ghosts grapples with the idea that you can’t run from the past, that you must confront your demons. And that if you do, waiting for you on the other side is a future in which you can tap back into the spirit of youth, with all its curiosity, wonder and blank-slate possibility. “The album title is a bit of a double entendre,” Silvestri says. “On one hand it represents youth, innocence and the magic of what is yet to be, and on the other, these ghosts from your past that continue to haunt you. And I think to be able to fully access that magic, that part of us that can be lost or hidden but that never really dies, you have to free yourself from the ghosts.”

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