SoundEvolution Music exists for the sole purpose of putting out music we think should be heard. We're made up of musicians, music fans and writers who want to work with artists we believe are talented, genuine and fun. It's that simple!

Genres don't mean a thing to us. If you're passionate about the music you create, if it moves us (and we feel it will move others), we're interested in talking to you!

We’re more than just a record label though. We’re also an artist management company and can offer our artists everything from releasing their music to tour support, publicity, licensing/media placement, and career management.

We believe in keeping our roster at a size where we can work very closely with everyone involved. We’re always looking for new and great artists to work with but we believe in organic growth to maintain that close, personal working relationship. We’re a music company built by music fans and musicians for music fans and musicians.

Thanks for checking us out! SoundEvolution Music, Your Music…Evolved!

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