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Get your first edition copy of Hayley Richman's "Marionette/Take My Soul" 7" vinyl today! Included in her first physical release are customized inserts containing lyrics and original artwork. The jacket design and creation was also done completely by Hayley. This is your chance to own music AND art created by the one and only, Hayley Richman! Don't wait...order now!


Roll the Dice, featuring lead single, "Raylene" - Armed with a sense of nostalgia, Radiator King’s latest song “Raylene” is a hard rocking ballad that channels the Americana sensations of Bruce Springsteen in a straightforward manner. Like so many great songs, “Raylene” (from the 7" vinyl Roll the Dice via SoundEvolution Music) is about trying to win someone’s heart by writing a song, but on a macro-level it’s about how music really brings us all together. The Brooklyn band takes the open-wound rawness of punk rock and draws it into this dirty, simple rocker. - Atwood Magazine