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With the advent of digital and streaming music, there's been a seismic shift in the music industry. Once upon a time fans were perfectly OK with buying music in the form of records, tapes, CD's and downloads. It's true that vinyl records have been making a much needed comeback over the past 10 years or so, but to say it makes up for the lost income 99% of artists have had to face would be a gigantic lie.

Like most changes however, there are edits, adjustments and creative ways to fill in the gaps. At the heart of every musician is the desire to play their music live for an interested and dedicated audience. It's the rare and the few who get to play to sold out arenas and stadiums. This article is not for them.

Living Room Shows, House Concerts, Private Performances, and the like have been around for a very long time. They provide the intimacy, structure and the ability to connect artist and audience like no other type of performance can. After all, isn't music about connection, emotion and the blurring of lines between stage and seat?

This is why a House Concert is a pivotal aspect of a musicians career.

SoundEvolution Music would like to present to you the Radiator King House Concert Series!

With new music getting ready for release, a full tour being booked and music videos being created, we wanted to offer a Radiator King musical experience like no other. We can turn your living room, den, backyard (when the weather permits), gallery space and any other location where you can personally invite 20-30 friends over to meet Adam Silvestri of Radiator King and watch him perform acoustically.

In the true storyteller fashion of so many musicians you know and love, Adam will captivate your audience with great music, stories of being on the road and the kind of interaction you simply cannot get at larger shows in big venues. Let us show you how to have the musical experience of a lifetime all while supporting the career and lifeline of the independent musician!

Contact rob@soundevolutionmusic.com and get all of the info you'll need to become a host and champion of the independent artist! Thank You!


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